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Banana Slicer

This machine is used for slicing banana as plain chips,Cassava, plantain and banana wafers are a popular snack eaten whole over African and Latin America Continent , Peeled bananas are fed manually from the top then sliced chips are guided through a guide. It is hand push machine which is mounted over a frying pan and the machine is single pulley driven. Shapes of slices are elliptical about 2 to 3mm size. Easy to handle, it requires low maintenance. One cutting plate is provided with machine which is adjustable blade and the machine is fabricated in Stainless steel body.

Banana And Cassava Slicer Useful for

Suitable for cost effective and continuous production of banana, sweet potato, cassava, tapioca, yuca, yams, taro chips, crisp, stick or wafer. It can also do many other tuber floating type of snacks with high moisture in raw product.

Peeling of banana or plantain (Manually)

↓ Slicing ↓

Slice Washing ↓

De-watering ↓

Frying ↓

Inspection and oil extracting ↓

Flavoring ↓

Cooling at room temperature ↓


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Specification 150 kg / Hour banana chips, Motor use 1 hp
Dimension 30″ X 20″ X 18″ ht.
Weight 80 kg. Approx

Price INR                 65000++

Extra accessories of banana wafer machine:

Aluminum casting cutting plate with Heavy duty blade



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