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Dough Kneader

We offer dough kneaders, designed for duty mixing in the catering units and restaurants. The kneader is manufactured using stainless steel with rotating arms bowls. Our kneader takes lesser time and gives better water absorption and also folds and stretches the dough for aeration and fermentation. It features a stainless steel bowl, which moves at a slow speed. The dough kneader makes mixing of the dough easier for preparing chapattis, puris, bread etc.

Highlights :
Stainless steel bowl
Single arm
Easy functioning
Strong body

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Model Voltage Power Consumption Dimension Bowl Capacity Net Weight Production
BM 10 220v 0.5 Hp/50Hz 0.37 Kw/h 39″X18″X41″ 10 kg 100 kg 8 kg
BM 25 415v 1 Hp/50Hz 0.5 Kw/h 42″X20″X41″ 25 kg 120 kg 12-18 kg
BM 40 415v 1.5 Hp/50Hz 0.5 Kw/h 45″X24″X41″ 40 kg 150 kg 20 kg



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