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Rectangular Fryer with inbuilt heat exchanger

Rectangular fryer is fabricated in Stainless steel body having Pan is mounted on a SS body. The pan is having multiple opening for oil inlet from one side and outlet from the other side, the flow of oil is regulated by an oil circulating pump. The heated oil in the pan is coming from the heat exchanger and going out into the bucket type filter from the side of the pan. The pan is properly insulated from the bottom to avoid heat loss. Continuous bucket type filter for filtering the edible oil continuously. The Frying system is connected with Digital Temperature Controller and Control Panel.

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Dimensions Pan Size: – 1800mm x 1100 mm x 1000 mm
Burner Motor: 250 watt. Approx., Single phase
Fuel: Diesel
Production Capacity: 55 to 60 kg /hr wafer
Filtration System: Bucket Type
Edible oil holding capacity: 150 to 190 ltr


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