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Blaze machinery was established in 1985 and has registered itself as a household name in machinery making in Mumbai, India, and across the globe. The company is one of the most trusted high-quality machinery manufacturing company.

A brief history of Blaze machinery - The company is a manufacturer, exporters, and suppliers of quality food processing machinery such as Potato peeling machine, and Potation cutting machine. Blazemac machinery has season engineers that understand their devices well. They have a technical background regarding the tools, how they work, and so on.

Potato and Plantain chips are sweet, nutritious, and have health benefits to the body. Both chips are eatable and suitable for human consumption. You can eat them when you feel like chewing something with your mouth. It is a fast snack to eat when you are hungry, with a bottle of drinks to complement it. You are good to go!

These pieces of machinery worth to invest on, you can make the coronavirus pandemic period to boost your investment. You may go into the production of the chips to launch yourself into the business world.

The production of the chips passes through lots of processes under hygienic supervision such as peeling, slicing, washing and drying, frying, and finally, to flavouring the chips before packaging. They use quality raw materials with high-tech machinery for production.

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At Blaze Machinery, all we know how to do is machinery. We breathe, we talk, we eat, and dream machinery.

We make different types of machinery, which range from Potato chips, Plantain chips machines, and much other machinery. These machines were made from high-grade stainless steel for optimal performance. They are durable, corrosive resistant, easy to use, easy to clean, and have an end-to-end result to achieve the most beautiful potato chips output.

In other to produce perfect potato chips, the potato passes through a comprehensive process. Beginning from peeling, slicing, drying, frying, and finally, to flavouring the chips, all these line processing machines are readily available with us. The final output would be customized by altering the machines. All these customizations are done according to our client's demands to meet their requirements. To this end, we have become one-stop-shop for procurement of all potato chips related machines.


Potato is botanically named as a vegetable, but nutritionally, they are classified as a starchy food. This is so because they are often used in place of carbohydrates starchy food such as rice or pasta, and bread.

Potatoes, grown in more cooling season or climates around the world, they are often referred to as roots because they frequently grow in the ground. However, they are larger changed stems called tubers, which develop on temporal branches called stolon, out of potato's lower plants part.

Benefits of potatoes
Potato contains fibre, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B. It lacked cholesterol and support the health of the heart. The fibre content helps to reduce the overall amount of blood cholesterol, thereby reducing heart disease's risk.

Is potato healthy?
Potatoes are highly nutritious vegetable filled with necessary minerals and vitamins that support the body, better energy levels, and boost the body immune system.

Potatoes are regarded as heart-healthy food because they are rich in vitamin C, fibre, and potassium.


Classification of Plantain (fruit or vegetable)
In many countries of the world, plantain is classified as a fruit. It is of vegetable than a fruit, as reported by Fruits and Veggies Matter. They can be boiled, baked, and fried, very much like potatoes.

Taste of Plantain
Plantains with yellow to blackened skins or ripe plantains are extremely sweet like cooking sugar. Ripe plantains have a firmer texture and can be eaten without cooking, but not as soft as a typical banana in comparison. When unripe or green, it tastes like potatoes, starchy, with little to none flavour.

Are plantains healthy for you?
Cooked plantains are of great value to human, very similar to a potato, but contain more of particular minerals and vitamins. They are very rich in fibre, vitamins C, A, and B-6, potassium, and magnesium minerals. This secret superfood will justify a trip to local grocery around you.

Uses of plantains
The best way to exploit the green plantains is by frying them into good taste snack, known as tostones, and an essential Caribbean and Latin American cuisine. Also, green plantain is used for making baked plantain chips.

Plantains are present everywhere in India; they are all-round-year available. Indian has a large deposit of plantains, and can easily found in any shop selling varieties of vegetables and fruits.

Plantain uses
The best way to harvest green plantains is to fry them in a tasteful snack, known as tostones, and in essential Caribbean and Latin American cuisine. In addition, green plantain is used to make baked plantain chips.

Plantains are present everywhere in India; they are available all year round. The Indian has a large depot of plantains, and can easily be found in any store selling varieties of vegetables and fruits.

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