Our Product Range

Our Product Range

The wide product range we offer is used for making different kind of snacks, namkeen and sweets. Our product team ensure that high-grade raw material and latest technology is used to make these machines. We ensure that the end product is durable and is able to perform smoothly with minimal human efforts.

Potato Peeling Machine

Used to peel potatoes for commercial purposes, this peels the skin of potatoes at a faster speed and reduces waste

Potato Cutting Machine

Used to chop potatoes evenly

Potato Boiler Machine

A safe and easy to operate machine, this is used to boil potatoes evenly.

Potato Drying Machine

Used to dry potatoes by removing water from sliced pieces

Flavouring Machine

Used to add flavours and spices to namkeens and snacks

Batch Fryer

Used to fry different kinds of snacks

Banana Slicer

Used to slice bananas evenly for chips/wafers

Banana Batch Fryer

Used to fry banana slices

Dough Kneader

Used for mixing dough for snacks, puris etc. These kneaders take lesser time and gives better water absorption.

Oil Separator

Effectively removes excess oil from snacks.

Namkeen Fryer

Used for frying various kinds of snacks at the necessary temperature.

Dough Mixer

Ideal for uniform dough making for various snacks.

Dough Sheeter

Makes even sheets of doughs to make samosas

Wood Fryer

Used to cook and fry large quantities of food items

Onion Peeling Machine

Used to peel onions effectively

Diesel Bhatti / Chulha

The fryer is placed on the bhattis providing an equal flame distribution to the cooking utensil.

Ginger Grinder

Used to make paste or batter from food items

Diesel Burner

Burner operated by diesel, produces heat for cooking

Wet Garlic Peeling Machine

Used to peel garlic skin with maximum efficiency

Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine

Used to peel blanched peanuts

Milk Boiling Machine

Used to boil milk for making sweets