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garlic peeler
garlic peeler

Garlic Peeler

Lid :
In cast aluminum with electrostatic paint (powder), in hammered gray color.

Water Outlet :
Connection for 75 mm pipes, to drain water and peels.

Water :
The running water softens the skin, washes the garlic and removes the residue (skin) from the peeler.

Important :
To obtain better efficiency, it is recommended to let the garlic immersed in water for 8 hours before the process.

Disc :
On model DAL-06, the disc is not abrasive. It is made of carbon steel with electrostatic paint (powder). It brings a set of ridges, specially developed to process the garlic without damaging it.

Ridges :
The disc in movement shakes the garlic inside the peeler, separating the peel/skin from it.

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Voltage Power Rating Consumption Height Width Depth Net Weight Production
110/220v 0.25 HP 0.20 kw/h 545mm 340mm 430mm 14 Kg 30 Kg/h


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