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How can I start a Potato chips business?

How can I start a Potato chips making business?

On a small scale you can manufacture potato chips, roasted chips, potato wafers and other types of flavored snacks. Today you find manufacturers offering chips in a wide range of tastes and flavors including red hot chips, salted, hot sauce flavor, pepper flavor, sour and sweet and much more.

Raw Materials Required

In general, the requirement of the raw material may vary depending on the types of flavors you are willing to manufacture and sell. You may need different types of ingredients that can be added to the chips as flavor. As we are speaking of Potato chips manufacturing, one of the most important raw materials you need are different types of potatoes –1.15 SG Fresh Potatoes,Size about medium to large, sugar density less than 1%,.

Chipsona, Lady Ricosta , 1533 etc are some name of grade  available in market  (added flavors, salt, pepper, chili powder, fresh cooking oil etc. These raw materials are only a few to be named but your requirement may depend on your taste and flavour. A touch of garlic, sauce and onions can also be added and so you may need additional raw materials.

Raw Material Cost

Potatoes, in varieties, are easily available within India. Potatoes are also considered as staple food and so you may find potatoes in most shops within your locality.  This means that the price for potatoes in the Indian market is not much. Fresh Potatoes will keep longest when stored in a cool, dry, dark area with good ventilation. Ideally, storage areas should range between 5-10 degree C.

The price within the open market may fluctuate on a daily basis but on an average a quintal of potato may cost you around Rs 1200 or nearby for ordinary potato. For manufacturing chips on a small scale, wholesale dealers are the best option as most of them can be accessed nearby to your locality.

Plant and machinery

Chips are considered the most favourite & enjoyable snack of all time. The crisp, adequately fried, and flavoured thin slices are savoured by old & young equally. The Chips making industry is quite diverse, wherein the big brands like Lays, Haldiram, Balaji etc. have made their year’s old mark and even local players have their fair share of the market. Starting a Chips making business essentially requires the installation of perfectly engineered equipment, batch, and continuous type machinery for all the levels of chip processing like washing, peeling, slicing, frying, flavouring and finally packing them. 

List of machinery required for potato chips manufacturing

  • Washing and Peeling Machine.
  • Slicing Machine
  • Dewatering Machine.
  • Batch Fryer.
  • Spicing/Flavouring Coating Machine.
  • Chips Packing Machine


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