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How do I start a small fast food business?

How do I start a small fast food business?

Fast Food Restaurants are also known as Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) is a unique type of food joint that serves cuisines like Pizza, burgers, Wraps & Rolls, Cakes & Coffee on the go as well as various kinds of Indian fast food from Vada Pav to Panipuri. 

This also requires minimal table service. In India, it is one of the fastest-growing food businesses for increasing demand in online food delivery & takeaway. Compared to fine dining restaurants and posh cafés,     one can save on high maintenance decor & fancy cutlery, even cooks can be hired and trained easily. For anyone wanting to start a small food business with low capital, Fast food restaurants might be the best option. All you need is to serve good quality food and prompt service. 

Steps to Open a Quick Service Restaurant in India 

  • Get all the licenses required to make your QSR legal
  • Choose the location of the quick-service restaurant
  • Arrange for the kitchen equipment and the raw materials needed
  • Get on board the required number of staff
  • Install a POS or a billing software to smoothen your operations
  • Get all the other miscellaneous works done

There are also certain costs to think through like Kitchen equipment & utensils, Licenses & permissions, Rental costs, Labour cost, Marketing costs, and Miscellaneous Expenses.

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