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Potato Chips Batch Fryer with inbuilt heat exchanger

It is circular batch fryer to be operated by diesel or kerosene. The burner is inserted with ceramic blanket glass wool, refractory lining Outer body fabricated by stainless steel body, These enhancements mean that the manufacturing process becomes far more economical, environment-friendly, fully safe, easy to operate. This system is ideally suited for Potato Chips, Banana Chips and other low bulk density products like Namkeens (salty snacks) Indian sweets, This system is available in different sizes depending upon the production capacity.

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1. This multipurpose circular fryer is provided with inbuilt heat exchanger

2. Stainless steel coil and oil filter which avoids over heating of the eatable oil maintain its cleanliness, taste and flavor,

3. Burner flame is control by automatic burner run with the help of diesel,

4. Blaze Circular fryer comes with the tilting SS pan which is easy to unload fried chips, Reduce manpower.

5.Italian Make Burner use in the fryer available in different size and capacity Auto shut system for temperature control. No risk of oil contamination by thermic fluid as whole system is edible oil heated
6.More than 50% fuel saving as compared to traditional frying system .

7.Compared to thermic fluid systems oil heater take very less space due to its vertical design. High quality insulation inside the oil heater for cools outer surfaces and avoids heat loss

8.This circular batch frying system is ideally suited for potato chips,plantain banana or cassava chips and other low bulk density products like namkeens (salty snacks)



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