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Potato Cutting Machine

Used for making slices of the potato, with the help of cutting plate, provided with the machine. There are different types of plates (Dyes), named as sally plate (useful for sticks chips) and raffle plate which is used for cutting potato in different shapes and design. All plates have adjustable blades. Our machine avoids the deposition of broken pieces in the dye. It is hand press type machine for potato slicers, cassava slicer, onion slicer , cassava slicer.

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The technical specifications of our slicer are :

Specification: 1 Hp Motor, 200 Kg/hr. machine capacity.
Dimension MM: 1050 X 410 X 1120 ht.
Net Weight: 55 kg. Approx
Electric Use: 220 Volt or 415 Volt.

Price INR : 45000 ++


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