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Potato Peeler Machine

Used for peeling the raw potato, with the help of special emery lining inside the feeder. Our peeler is designed aesthetically and is used to peel the skin of potatoes in faster speed. Our potato peeler leads to minimize peel loss and for better peeling and continuous flow of water in the drum helps to keep away the waste from a drainage pipe. The drum storage capacity is about 6 to 8 kg in base model and 12-15 kg in higher version model of potato peeler.

Flow Chart of Manufacturing Potato crisp.

Potato (Raw Material) 1.15SG Fresh Potatoes, Weight is about from 150g to 250g, Sugar density less than 1%.
Your own storage place. Storing the potatoes Fresh potatoes will keep longest when stored in a cool, dry, dark area with good ventilation. Ideally, storage areas should range between 5-10° C.
Send potatoes into production line. Control the feeding speed and the quality of potato.
Washing  potato manual Rough Washing Wash away the dust on the potatoes
Send cleaned potatoes into peeler by fix-quantity.
Peeler Peeling Peel the skin of the potato.
Inspection Check the quality of peeled potato in the container by workers.
Slicing Adjust the sliced thickness of hand push machine Slice. The available thickness is from 1.2mm to 2.0mm
By warm water. Washing of the Starch Wash potato chips by warm water. In order to prevent dark fried potato chip.
Water Draining in dewatering machine Draining the water in the potato chips in order to promote the frying quality.
Frying Fry potato chips by manual Continued Type Oil Fryer. India style fryer.
Oil draining and Cooling

In SS tray

Seasoning Sprinkle seasoning flour evenly manually.
Computerized Weighing Packing M/C or semi-Auto packing machine Packing Depend on buyer’s requirement of packing quality.
Selling to the market
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Model : BMPP

The technical specifications of our potato peelers are :

Specification:    1 HP Motor, 150-300 kg/hr. machine capacity.
Dimension:       460 X 715 X 900 ht.
Net Weight:      60 kg. Approx
Electric Use :    220 Volt or 415 Volt.

Price INR : 35000++ (Base Model)



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