Is namkeen business profitable?

Namkeen Flavouring Machine

Is namkeen business profitable?
Namkeen is a very popular and most consumable essential food item present on the shelves of almost all Indian households. A mandatory side dish to munch with evening tea, to crave as midnight snacks, to carry packed while on a journey. There are many well-known brands like Haldiram, Balaji, etc. in the market of Namkeen manufacturing. Nonetheless, there are numerous existing as well as emerging names in the Namkeen manufacturing business. The profit margin in Namkeen production business depends on production expenditure including sourcing of materials, manufacturing costs, and marketing costs. The profit margin in this business is approximately around 20-30%. 

In this business, it costs about Rs 50 to 60 for 1 kg. You can give it to wholesalers for a margin of Rs 10 per kg. On the other hand, if you do packing and selling in the market, then you can make a margin of Rs 20 per kg.  by this calculation, monthly income, you can earn at least 35 to 40 thousand per month, initially and as revenue grows, sales will generate higher profit margin.

For your Namkeen business, Blaze machinery provides all types of food processing machines with economical price and high productivity and durability.

Since 1985, Blaze Machinery, have become of the most trusted and quality-conscious manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of food processing machinery like Potato peeling machine, Potato Boiler Machine, Potato cutting machine, Potato drying machine, Flavoring machine, Batch fryer, Banana slicer, Banana batch fryer, Dough kneader, Oil separator, Namkeen Extruder, Namkeen fryer, Dough mixer, Food masher/mixer, Dough Sheeter, Fryer, Wood fryer, Onion peeling machine, Diesel bhatti/chulha, Wet grinder, Diesel burner, Vegetable cutter, Garlic peeling machine, Roasted peanut peeling machine and Milk boiling machine from Mumbai, India. 

Blaze Machinery is a prominent manufacturer, supplier & exporter in the business of Food Processing Machinery production. Located in Mumbai, we have more than 20 years of expertise in this field of manufacturing a wide range of batch & continuous food processing machines.

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